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2013 Artful Feast — Live Auction Lots

We are delighted to include in this year’s Artful Feast a very special donation from NAA artist member & friend, noted American painter & Newburyport resident
Donald Jurney

From Captain Emery's, High Street, toward the Merrimack ca. 1802
Oil on linen, 20”x12”, 2012

Artist First Name Artist Last Name TITLE(S) Medium Frame Dimensions
Donald Jurney From Captain Emery's, High Street, toward the Merrimack ca. 1802 Oil on linen 20 x 12
J.C. Airoldi Sky Over Plum Island Pastel 22x26
J.C. Airoldi October Sky Pastel 18x22
Andrew  Anderson-Bell Marsh Sanctum Pastel 13.5x17
Andrew  Anderson-Bell Marsh Loosestrife Pastel 20x24
Tom Bailey Lazy Days of Summer Pastel on sanded paper 13x16
Kathleen  Bennett Essex Twilight Oil 11x14 (u)
Lisa  Bohnwagner Windowlight Acrylic  17x13
Ann  Bourque Winter's Sunset Oil 12x15
Ann  Bourque Moon Glow Oil 12x15
Jennifer  Burnham Untitled Acrylic 36.25x36.25
Fran  Butsavich White Horse on Low Street Pastel 16x20
Fran  Butsavich October Dune Pastel 28x24
Tony  Cerra Salt Marsh West Side Oil 24x30
Wendy Cole Bohemian Blooms Acrylic on canvas 32x19.5
Sara  Connor Beads on Mirror Silver Gelatin Print 19x16
Cynthia  Cooper Maine Coast Acrylic 21x25
Rosalie Anna Cuticchia Sedona Mission Church Oil on canvas 17.5x21.5
Catherine Davis Sycamore Bark Photography, Archival Print 27x27
Patty  deGrandpre Reap What You Sow Mixed Media, Ink on plastic layers 15x19
Cindi  Deimantas Pine Forest, Reflected Watercolor & Ink 14.5x25.5
Cindi  Deimantas A Summer Jewel Oil 21x10.75
Sara Demrow Dent Treasure Shore  Acrylic on canvas 24x48
Michael Doran Sailing Barge on the Thames Watercolor 16x20
Joanna Doyle Your Dog's Portrait (commission) Oil or Acrylic 18x18
Cheryl  Dyment Leaving the Storm Behind Oil 19.5x37.5
e.Tobin Eckian Goat on a Wall Mixed Media 23x33
Karen  Fitzgerald Cherished Treasure Digital Photography 23x19
Jack  Fowler Lamp Shadow Photography 24x24
Jack  Fowler 2 Birch Photography 24x24
Diane  Francis Afterschool Art Intaglio Print 14.5x11.5 
Patricia S. Gordon Deer Island View Oil on linen panel 15.5x18.5
Patricia S. Gordon Tracks Up The Hill Oil on linen panel 17 3/8 x 21 3/8
Dale Partiss Greene Moonlight Oil 16x16
Jessica Hachmeister Papiamento #11 Acrylic  37.5x37.5
Al  Hiltz Rainy Night Photography 18x24
Madeleine  Hopkins Little Diamond Island Pastel 14x22
Douglas W. Johnson The Lighthouse Keeper's Garden Fine Craft, Seed Bead Weaving 31x38
Karen  Jones Dreaming Pastel 28x36
Susan  Kneeland Empty Nest Watercolor on 140lb archival paper 15x17.5
Margette  Leanna Machias, Maine, Marsh Acrylic 23x31
Bonita LeFlore Foul Weather Friends Oil 20x20
Marjet  Lesk Last Cottage on Plum Island Oil 20x20 (canvas)
Renee  LeVerrier Bartlett Triplets Watercolor 12x16
Susan Luca Moonlight Glow Oil 21x25
Susan Luca Twilight Plum Island Oil 15.5x25.5
Robin Luciano Beaty Interval Encaustic Mixed Media 24 x 24
Peggy Luderer Picnic on Plum Island Oil 15.75x27.75
John Maciejowski Walk in the Park Mixed Media 20x16
Janet MacLeod Three Pastel 18.75x24.5
Janet  MacLeod Promise of Rain Pastel 24.5x18.25
Bonnie Jean  Malcolm Sculpture Opus 31  Wood Sculpture, antique table 1780 34x18x8.5
Jay  McCarthy The Grand Canal, Venice Digital Photography 16x20
Joan  Merrill Salisbury Reservation Pastel on wallis board 16x18
Jim Mickelson Plum Island Dunes (Winter) Oil on board 30x24
Michael  Milczarek Spring Field Oil 20x26
Judy Miller Bailey August Wash Digital Photography 17x20
Christine  Molitor Johnson Chain Bridge (Fall) Oil 16x20
Skip  Motes Newbury Orange Marsh Pastel 17x17
Barbara  Nachmias-Kedesdy Tidal Marsh II Printmaking: Monotype 17x14.5
Suzanne Papin Connected 2 Monoprint 10x11
Suzanne Papin Connected 3 Monoprint 10x11
Gordon  Przybyla Pink Cloud Acrylic  24.5x21.5
Joan  Rademacher Beach House, Plum Island Watercolor 20x22
Ellen B. Rittgers Essex Marsh Island Oil on canvas 29x35
Ellen B. Rittgers Sugar Hill Lupines Oil 13.5x15.5
Tom  Robinson Cox Pussy Willows  (1/50) Photography, Archival Ink Print 20x16
Judy Robinson Cox Flower Dancers Photography 20x30
Brent  Rotsko Dawn Oil 23x29
Lee  Rowan Marbles on Red Box Oil 16.5x14
Jan V. Roy Bouquet 3 Oil 10x8 (canvas)
Susan Sanford Hollyhock Pastel 16x20
Daniel J. Shaw Choices Oil on canvas panel 20x24
Daniel J. Shaw Hale Park View Oil on canvas panel 17.5x20.5
Rosalie  Sidoti  Secrets Oil 15x18
Dennis  Skillman Dusk on the Marsh, Plum Island Photography, Archival Print 27x21
Susan Spellman Waterfront Park Oil 20x24
Jeannette  Steele Esposito Marsh Colors  (diptych) Acrylic 18x48
Jeannette  Steele Esposito Sunshine at Meyers Acrylic 15x12
Linda Stefanidakis Summer Oil 14x16
Linda Stefanidakis Parker River Marsh Oil 16x30
Harry Taplin Ferris Wheel and Roller Black and White silver gelatin photo 17x13
Robin  Thornhill Glorious Sunset Pastel on kitty wallis sanded paper, watercolor underpainting 21x18
Jacob Towle Chain Bridge Oil 22x26
Mary Ann Varoski Summer Blooms Oil 19x15
Jeff Ventola Beauty Before the Beast Oil on linen 20x24
Peter Zoltai HMS Bounty Digital Art 20x24